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Prenatal & Child Care Coordination

Fortunate Futures Prenatal and Child Care Program assists new mothers and their families assessing their situation and providing meaningful support, guidance and information at a time that can be difficult and overwhelming for many families. The support that we offer takes some of the stress off of new mothers while also providing a variety of opportunities to build healthy lifestyles for themselves and their children.

First, we match them with one of our trained and experienced Care Coordinators. Our Care Coordinators then work with the family to assess what areas they most need help with. A major part of this work is ensuring that the family unit can sustain themselves so we help many families find housing and employment as a part of this service. The family and the Care Coordinator then create a plan to address these issues and set goals to meet. Finally, the Care Coordinator provides information about community resources to support the family in meeting the goals established in their individual care plan.


The benefit of working with Fortunate Futures is that, as a client, you are able to access a variety of resources to not only improve your current situation, but also empower you to face other challenges in your life. If you are interested in working with Fortunate Futures or would like to learn more about how we work with you, please complete the form below and we will contact you within 3 business days. All information is kept strictly confidential.

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